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DUVAL ARNO DISTRIBUTION SAS (DAD) is recruiting 01 Distribution Network Director


The Network Director develops commercial strategies in order to optimize results and to enlarge or even develop the network. To do this, it implements commercial, marketing and communication action plans. He reports directly to the General Manager of the company.


Team management

  • The Network Director is a manager. Indeed, he plans the activities of his collaborators according to the objectives to be achieved. He participates in the process of recruiting staff and store managers. It analyzes employees’ skills and assesses their training needs. He is required to train them and is able to resolve conflict situations. If necessary, he carries out reframing interviews and applies sanctions. The network director also ensures compliance with company rules.

Sales tracking

  • Sales monitoring is essential because it allows you to really know how the company is doing. This is one of the many missions of the network manager. Using business monitoring and management indicators (turnover, personnel costs, etc.), the director can analyze the brand’s results. At the end of this analysis, he can implement actions or corrective measures. Finally, he ensures the reporting to his superiors.


  • Carry out regular store visits to check the brand’s compliance with the commercial concept and develop the organization’s performance.
  • Implement action plans intended for store managers (control the cleaning of the store carried out by a service provider, organize the control of the display of prices, set up reinforcements for a given time slot, etc.).
  • Ensure the operational opening plan for a new store: recruit staff, integrate the hired staff, ensure the orders of goods and ensure the conformity of their layout on the shelves.
  • Control compliance with the brand’s concepts and procedures, establish a diagnosis of the discrepancies observed and propose appropriate solutions in order to make the organization more efficient in compliance with the brand’s commercial objectives.
  • Make proposals for the layout of the store in order to develop the turnover.
  • Optimize the organization of the supply according to the specificities of each store: carry out the weekly schedule of the trucks, calculate the number of pallets of goods to receive according to the forecast turnover…
  • Prepare and organize store inventories.
  • Validate the subcontracted services (for example the cleaning subcontractor).
  • Analyze the indicators in the economic and social dashboards by store: daily turnover, personnel costs, comparative analysis with the forecast, etc.
  • Consolidate, analyze the results and ensure reporting at the level of his hierarchy.
  • Monitor sales and regulate the distribution of merchandise between stores if necessary.
  • Implement appropriate actions, based on the results analyzed by store.
  • Be the relay of information between management and stores.
  • Monitor and control the application of administrative procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, labor law, legal registers and commercial legislation.


  • Minimum BAC+4 training. With at least 10 years of experience and at least 5 years in the field of mass distribution.


  • Technical managerial and analytical skills
  • Sense of organization, communication, persuasion and responsibility
  • Organization, rigor and autonomy
  • Availability and responsiveness
  • Field man/woman


CV and cover letter to be sent only to the email address rhinfo@dad-cm.com  with the subject:  “  DISTRIBUTION NETWORK DIRECTOR M/F”.

Deadline for admissibility of application files: 01/29/2022

Only pre-selected candidates will be invited

 Female candidates are strongly encouraged

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