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Contract Management Manager – Orange Cameroon


  • Manage the process of setting up contracts on the Customer Experience perimeter
  • Write and review the specifications and their evolutions
  • Identify the risks (contractual, legal, commercial, financial, etc.) and propose hedging measures while respecting the rules set out in the contract as well as the administrative and legal clauses in force.
  • Advise the operational team in the choice and implementation of administrative and purchasing procedures related to the realization of the project.
  • Assess opportunities to improve contract performance: manage and negotiate corresponding amendments
  • Manage major improvement, development or change projects in connection with the activities of partners in the field
  • Ensure compliance with the commitments made by the various stakeholders
  • Supervise the organization of monitoring frameworks (steering committee and production)
  • Organize periodic meetings (monthly, quarterly) between OCM and the service providers in order to take stock of the performance of the contract
  • Trace, store and update contractual documents. 
  • Ensure the implementation and coordinate the means and processes necessary to control the financial and legal risks incurred
  • Ensure good general communication between OCM and the service provider
  • Prepare litigation files and participate in legal expertise
  • Participate in negotiations
  • Ensure active legal monitoring



 Typical training: BAC + 4 IT, telecoms, project management.

Minimum experience: 2 years in customer relations or project management  


Main place


Work places


Makepe site 
Orange Building Makepe 
 Douala 1864 

UseProject management 

OrganizationOrange Cameroon 


Type of ContractFrame 

Job posting: 19 Jul 2022, 06:42:51 

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