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EMI MONEY SARL money transfer company is  looking for the development of its activities:


Candidacy :


General mission; implement a global non-compliance risk management process within the EMI MONEY company.


The awakening to the mastery of the risk of  non-compliance.

Identify and monitor the scope of operations.

Carry out a mapping of non-compliance risks in order to identify the risk management systems and the action plans to be put in place.

Proceed with the transposition of free regulatory provisions to compliance in the company’s internal tools and procedures.

Implement a specific non-compliance risk control plan.

Perform control missions.

Collect incidents related to non-compliance risks.

Organize training sessions for the company’s employees in order to raise their awareness of current issues, such as customer retention.

The fight against money laundering.

Organize and coordinate reporting, compliance monitoring and prevention tools.

Put in place procedures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Initial training desired.

Specialized training in banking / finance

Higher education in business school, university, Bac +3 level in Banking risk management, financial security and compliance.

Financial sector law.

Finance specializing in financial risk management.

Fight against financial crime.

Knowledge of finance, law.

Accountability and risk analysis.

Qualification on cross-functional compliance issues.

Understand banking regulations.

Know how  to be.

Be honest and professional.

Know how to adapt.

Be responsive Demonstrate pedagogy

Demonstrate relational and communication skills Know how to analyze and synthesize.

• Know how to respect the confidentiality of information

• Know how to plan and organize your workload Demonstrate method and rigor

• Ability to work in a team.

Being bilingual would be an asset.

Master the computer tool

Place of work: Yaoundé.

Documents to be provided: CV + supporting documents for diplomas and experience.

The files are sent to the email address no later than Tuesday, May 31,   2022.

NB: only candidates fulfilling the profile will be invited.

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