Chococam is hiring!

Job title: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technician (Cat 5): External
Job Level: Beginner / Junior| Confirmed / Experienced
Level of study (diploma): Bachelor ‘s degree
Type of contract: CDI

Chococam Tiger Brands is a multinational company, a major player in the food processing industry in Cameroon and in the sub-region.
 We believe in developing local talent and skills, diversity and inclusion. Respect for the environment and sustainable development is essential for our work. 
In line with our corporate culture and recruitment strategy, we are pleased to announce that we are looking for a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician: 
The latter must, under the supervision of the Utility Supervisor:
  •  Ensure the installation, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in order to maintain and improve the operation and performance of the production tool and buildings. ·
  • Ensure the production and availability of steam, compressed air, then emergency electrical energy.
 What will you do? 
    • Elaborate the diagnoses by minimizing the downtime of the machines in the area entrusted to him; Be responsive and available for palliative and curative maintenance Refer to your hierarchy (coordinator) for the management of intervention priorities.
    •  Ensure preventive maintenance of the production tool and building according to the schedule in force. Perform daily, during his shift, rounds, inspections and controls on the production tool and buildings. 

  • Keep all working documents up to date (registers, checklists, work orders, etc.). 
  • Ensure cleanliness and storage before, during and after each intervention.
  •  Ensure its various interventions in strict compliance with health and safety rules. Be a source of proposals for the continuous improvement of maintenance and production through its various reports and during meetings Be responsible for the protection and proper use of the work tools entrusted to it. 
  • Perform all work at the request of the hierarchy Ensure the maintenance of boilers, compressors and generators 
What will be your contribution?
 Skills, Experience and Qualifications : 
Baccalauréat F5 + 01 year Minimum experience in a similar position and a good knowledge of the operation and maintenance of boilers. 
Special requirements (knowledge and know-how): 
    • Read and interpret electrical and electronic diagrams, 
    • Develop a diagnosis, detect a malfunction, 
    • Use electrical and specific measuring devices (Manifold, vacuum gauge, etc.) 
    • Specificities of refrigerants
    • Fluid mechanics
    • Use of refrigerant transfer machine 
    • Welding
    • hot bonding
    • Apply the rules and procedures for electrical inspection and testing,
    • Anticipating business-related risks, protecting yourself,
    • Adhere to strict safety standards and regulations 
  • Working in a team (exchanging information with other professions), · Using a computer to search for technical data sheets.
  • Good written and oral expression in French or English 

Know-how :

Rigorous, precise and skilled manually, Ingenious, taking initiatives, easy to adapt, Relational ease, available.
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