• CM


  • You take care of the cash register, receive patients, collect payment, give change, and all with a smile 
  • You keep a cash journal and account for the amount of the daily receipts
  • You participate in the realization of inventories and the storage of products on the shelves
  • You manage the payment of orders remotely
  • You monitor patients and ensure their satisfaction
  • You welcome the patient with a smile on your face and you ensure an optimal experience

Qualifications and skills required

  • You are comfortable with both numbers and welcoming customers
  • You are rigorous, honest and honest
  • You are quick, enthusiastic and polite 
  • You are methodical, serious, and vigilant in order to avoid making mistakes in your accounts
  • You know how to show endurance and concentration 
  • You are comfortable with computers as well as with Mobile money solutions
  • You are ambitious and ready to give your all to evolve in your career and have an impact on a daily basis


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