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JOB OFFER: Business Developer (Commercial)

Job Description :

Under the daily coordination of the Projects Director, your main task will be to implement and coordinate the commercial growth of the company. Your role will therefore be to deploy the company’s outbound and inbound levers by deploying the long-term vision while deploying tactics for rapidly conquering new market segments, in coordination with the sales and marketing departments.

By your skills oriented both in commercial negotiation and endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit, you will be required to intervene quickly to develop resources (prospect acquisition process, customer activation process, loyalty process, etc.), in order to optimize the achievement of financial profitability objectives by conquering new markets.

Business developer tasks

  • Make cold messages on social networks to generate interest;
  • Make cold calls by telephone to suspects to obtain an appointment;
  • Qualify lukewarm prospects for the purpose of a first interview;
  • Perform closing with prospects in order to transform them into customers.
  • Improve and prepare the discovery and contact pitch
  • Improve and prepare the argument around sincere and insincere objections
  • Improve and prepare the arguments around the closing
  • Act and control customers for a loyalty commitment

Required Skills

  • Master the lean Startup methodology (priority)
  • Master the Agile Scrum methodology
  • Mastering the Design and Execution of Prospecting 2.0 (Predictable Income by Aaron Ross)
  • Master a CRM tool
  • Master productivity tools: slack trello
  • Personal development (even a beginner)

Profile and experiences

  • You want to or have already solved trade negotiation problems;
  • You wish or have already worked and shared with a multidisciplinary team;
  • You are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone in order to expand your skills;
  • You want or have participated in the development of technical and commercial proposals oriented in the development of a web;

The 9 key skills we seek  and value

  1. It is above all the question about your personality and your state of mind that interests us;
  2. We put an absolute priority on your know-how which for us is above your know-how; This is why we also give the chance to young people, even freshly graduated Masters 1 or 2;
  3. You have a good basic knowledge of IT environments;
  4. You are interested in team building issues;
  5. You have already worked on projects and/or companies with more than 5 employees;
  6. You are autonomous, rigorous, curious and organized;
  7. You like teamwork, and have good interpersonal skills;
  8. You understand the importance of a corporate culture even within a Startup;
  9. Your principle is: Franchise, Transparency, and Honesty;

Availability  :  immediate


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