Bilingual executive assistant and Q&S intern

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Kimpa is looking for a Bilingual Executive Assistant and Q&S Intern .

Job Description

The Executive Assistant and Q&S (Quality and Safety) supports a company manager in order to facilitate and optimize the administrative and Q&S management of his activity. In close collaboration, he/she is the trusted person who organizes, manages, coordinates and monitors all activities aimed at assisting him/her.

Main activities

Organization of the manager’s agenda and reception

  •  Manage the manager’s agenda and daily schedule (making appointments, letters, e-mails, holidays, etc.).
  •  Receive and filter telephone calls.
  •  Physically accommodate appointments.
  •  Prepare and organize the logistics of the various professional events (meetings, travel, oral interventions, seminars, trade shows, conference calls, etc.).
  •  Prepare and control the files necessary for the mission of the manager (documentation, reports, communication media, various notes for meetings, etc.).
  •  Ensure upstream preparation and follow-up of files.

Management and monitoring and archiving of reports and documentation of the manager

  •  Receive and sort the mail to present to its manager only the essential information.
  •  Attend meetings and write minutes.
  •  Organize the sorting and archiving of important documents (collect, process, classify and update information).
  •  Manage and update professional and regulatory documentation.
  •  Report through regular updates on the progress of their work, scheduled appointments and letters to be sent.
  •  Gather and format monitoring elements (dashboards, indicators, reporting, etc.).
  •  Manage expense reports.
  •  Make orders for equipment, supplies, consumables and check the conformity of deliveries.
  •  Ensure the follow-up of the conditions of execution of a contract, be the punctual support for the administration of sales (customer orders, customer invoices, BL, etc.).


  •  Write communication media (notes, correspondence, reporting, reports, minutes, etc.).
  •  Structure and ensure the transmission of information internally and externally (documents from the various departments of the company or from outside the departments concerned based on the instructions of its manager).
  •  Participate in the organization of recruitment and training logistics.
  •  Carry out an administrative follow-up of the personnel.
  •  Establish and manage budgets or process accounting records.
  •  Ensure the management and complete follow-up of certain files (negotiations with suppliers, preparation of a budget, follow-up with customers, etc.).
  •  Follow tender procedures.
  •  Respond to requests for information from other departments and from outside

Quality and safety

  •  Implement a Q&S approach or a quality and safety management system aimed at controlling and preventing risks related to the quality of work and the safety of assets.
  •  Ensure compliance of procedures, legislation, rules and internal constraints and issues recommendations and coordinates action plans to improve and secure the professional environment.
  •  Training in management/manager assistantship, administrative and commercial management, SME-SMI management, QHSE, management

Duration of experience

  • A minimum of one year’s experience as a management assistant or commercial trainee. 
  • Very good knowledge of the company’s field of activity is required. perfectly bilingual (French and English)

Technical skills

  •  Mastery of office automation: Office pack (Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
  •  Proficiency in the use of collaborative and communication tools (Internet, messaging, shared planning, web conference, corporate social network, etc.)
  •  Knowledge of administrative management
  •  Knowledge of editorial standards
  •  Knowledge of note-taking techniques (possibly shorthand)
  •  Mastery of filing and archiving methods and digitization techniques
  •  Knowledge of information and regulatory monitoring techniques and tools
  •  Proficiency in event organization
  •  Knowledge of labor law and social legislation
  •  Knowledge of personnel administration and budget management
  •  Proficiency in building reporting tools and dashboards
  •  Knowledge of an ERP


  •  Honesty
  •  Loyalty
  •  Dynamism
  •  Initiative
  •  Discretion
  •  Organization and rigor
  •  Versatility
  •  Reactivity and autonomy
  •  Spirit of synthesis and analysis
  •  Interpersonal skills
  •  Team spirit
  •  Writing skills
  •  Listening and communication skills
  •  Availablity
  •  Stress resistance
  •  Ability to prioritize
  •  Adaptability
  •  Work in project mode


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