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Cameroon Red Cross

The Cameroonian Red Cross and the French Red Cross are recruiting a Base Manager in Batouri
Job Information
Job title:  BASE MANAGER
Reporting line: Head of Delegation
Job location: Batouri
Working hours: According to the service schedule
Duration of the mission: 6 months renewable
Desired arrival date: July 1, 2022
Number of positions:01
Presentation of the association
The French Red Cross (CRf) and the Cameroon Red Cross (CRC) are humanitarian associations, auxiliary to the public authorities, which provide aid and assistance to vulnerable people.
Since 2010, the French Red Cross (CRf) has been present in Cameroon and intervenes in the areas of health, nutrition and food security and livelihoods (SAME) in the East and South regions. ‘Far North.
Recruitment context
Creation of the position.
Presentation of the position
Job Purpose/Summary.
Under the supervision of the Head of Delegation, the Head of Base is responsible for representing the CRF with the authorities, beneficiaries and partners involved. The Head of Base guarantees the coordination of programs, as well as the sharing of information with other humanitarian actors and partners in the field, specifically with members of the RC/RC Movement. He.She ensures good coordination between the various services of the Batouri base, ensures good communication with the coordination of Yaoundé, ensures the safety of the teams on the Batouri base, and contributes to the development of programs.
Position location
This position is open to people with the required profile and the successful candidate must reside in Batouri by his own means; it is therefore not subject to relocation. The candidate selected at the end of the recruitment process cannot therefore claim the status of relocated employee.
Security management:
  • Monitors and assesses the security situation as well as relevant political developments in the locality and region in collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator and the Head of Delegation;
  • Develops and ensures the implementation of humanitarian access strategies in his area;
  • Establishes and maintains a network of contacts to obtain information concerning security in the intervention area;
  • Supervises and coordinates the optimal functioning of the entire security system, plans and organizes, if necessary, the hibernation or evacuation of the staff concerned;
  • Is responsible for briefing new arrivals on the security situation and the instructions to follow in the geographical area.
Database management and support services:
  • Supervises and coordinates all base support services: finance, logistics, human resources and administration as well as security;
  • Ensures that administrative, logistical, and financial procedures are in place and adhered to 
  • Supervises and coordinates the recruitment and capacity building of staff;
  • Carries out the annual performance evaluation of all staff under his/her supervision, in collaboration with the project/programme/department managers, and the identification of the capacity development needs of his/her team.
Project management and coordination:
  • Contributes to the development and adjustment of projects in line with the CRF strategy in the areas of intervention;
  • Ensures the planning and optimal use of the program’s financial resources while ensuring strict compliance with the budget;
  • Ensures that the reporting tools: Narrative, OSO, PMT, RETF for each key activity are completed and sent on time;
  • Ensures that the reports of all program / project managers and support services are of high quality and submitted on time;
  • Participates in the development of new projects in accordance with the strategy of the FIU in Cameroon, including the drafting of project documents;
  • Proposes and contributes to the organization of assessment missions to analyze the humanitarian needs in the base area;
  • Ensures the adequacy of budgets with the objectives and activities set in collaboration with the financial staff in the field and at headquarters;
  • Controls the evolution of projects (progress, relevance and effectiveness) and proposes adjustments to his superior if necessary;
  • Ensures monitoring of indicators by the program teams, and the achievement of results.
Resource management : 
  • Supervises the base team (program, administration and logistics)
  • Human resources management Develops and regularly updates the job profiles of the staff under his responsibility;
  • Implements the Individual Action Plans of its employees;
  • Conduct performance appraisal interviews for staff under his direct responsibility;
  • Ensures that the conclusions of the performance appraisal interviews are taken into account in the treatment and progression of staff;
  • Ensures the monitoring of internal procedures in terms of human resources management, in particular ensures that the coordination is informed and involved in the processing of HR files by the administration;
  • Manages and promotes group dynamics in the achievement of program objectives and the well-being of staff, through team meetings, field visits, etc.
  • Is attentive to stress management and listening to staff;
  • Ensures the promotion of the health and safety of staff through the application of hygiene and safety instructions in the workplace as well as in daily life;
  • Referee / help resolve team conflicts;
  • Motivates individuals and helps them contribute to the achievement of program objectives;
  • Transmits and promotes the values ​​and ethics of the CRF.
Financial and budget management
  • Supervises the development of budgets adapted to the needs of the mission and to the various donors;
  • Oversees the implementation of financial and budgetary monitoring and control systems by its teams, carrying out regular monitoring;
  • Monitors the budget lines that concern it – encourages the involvement of all grassroots components in budget management in accordance with the respective responsibilities of each;
  • Promotes an ethical approach to the management of program resources;
  • Oversees cash flow and budget planning and monitoring to anticipate potential financial issues;
  • Ensures the production of budget reports by the administrative department in accordance with the deadlines set by headquarters and donors.
Management of technical means
  • In collaboration with the logistician, supervises the purchases and management of base equipment, ensuring compliance with purchasing procedures;
  • Oversees the proper maintenance and management of stocks (programs, consumables, etc.) and the fleet;
  • Guarantees respect for living spaces and equipment.
Communication management:
Internal communication 
  • Contributes to good communication with the CRF national delegation in Yaoundé;
  • Supervises the development by his team, and contributes directly to the development of monthly reports (log, admin, program, base) – ensures that they are sent to the coordination on time;
  • Makes weekly points for the head of delegation;
  • Contributes to the capitalization of the organization;
  • Produces a tiling report at the end of the mission to capitalize on the information;
  • Organizes, animates and conducts information, coordination and collaboration meetings within the team;
  • Ensures that fluid communication is in place and maintained between the various services of the base;
  • Encourages and promotes direct communication between the base services and their cross-functional managers at the coordination level;
  • Encourages and promotes respect for the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team in accordance with the job descriptions.
External communication and representation
  • Represents the French Red Cross in the assigned area;
  • Ensures the application of the ethics, charter and mandate of the CRF as well as the humanitarian and development policy internally and externally;
  • Ensures good communication with Donors during meetings and follow-up visits;
  • Supervises the timely production of intermediate financial and narrative reports relating to grassroots projects, according to the formats pre-established by the donors; Ensures institutional and operational relations with the National Society, the other components of the movement in the field, the bodies of the United Nations, NGOs, local authorities and all partners involved in French Red Cross projects in the area.
Qualifications and experience
  • Diploma / Level of study: Holder of a university degree at Bac+4 level in management / commerce / political science / master’s degree in connection with the activities of the CRF
  • Previous basic management experience – minimum 2 years;
  • Previous experience in project management – ​​minimum 1 year;
  • Versatile experience in the humanitarian field, including in managing the security of staff, partners and beneficiaries – minimum 2 years;
  • Knowledge of the Eastern Region will be an asset.
Essential skills and experience: Strong relational and organizational skills;
  • Essential prior experience in team management;
  • Coordinating capacities;
  • Solid experience in budget management;
  • Work experience in security management;
  • Writing skills and experience in project writing and report writing;
  • Good analytical and synthetic mind;
  • Good knowledge of the Eastern context, in particular Kadey;
  • Mastery of the computer tool (complete autonomy on Word, Excel and Power Point).
Specific knowledge:
  • Ability to adapt and negotiate;
  • At ease and flexible in institutional relations;
  • Experience in managing staff from different cultures;
  • Very good teamwork skills;
  • Good knowledge or experience of the Red Cross Movement (operation, mandates, etc.);
  • Good knowledge of the security situation in the Eastern Region;
  • Driver’s license
Skills and experience preferred:
  •  Autonomous, versatile;
  • Rigour, patience, flexibility and adaptability;
  • Proactivity ;
  • Strong ability to adapt.
Recruitment process
Anyone interested in this offer is asked to send their file in PDF format by email to the address:
These are: An updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) with three professional references
A cover letter (LM)
Please put in the subject of the submission email: Batouri base manager
Applications should be addressed to the Head of Delegation of the French Red Cross.
Given the number of files we receive, we are unable to respond individually to each one. Therefore, if you do not hear from us within 30 days, please consider your application unsuccessful. Only candidates pre-selected on file will be invited to a written test on the premises of the CRF. Unselected applications will not be returned to applicants.
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