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Area Sales Representative professional intern

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Kimpa is looking for 01 Area Sales Representative Professional Intern

Job Description

The Area sales representative is responsible for generating sales, overseeing sales operations in a particular geographic region. In terms of management, he proposes, monitors and controls the commercial expenses budget for his area.

  •  He is in charge of the application of the commercial policy of the company at the level of his region with objectives, turnover, margin, market share gain and profitability.
  •  He supervises the sales people. As such, he participates in their recruitment, ensures their training, their integration, their needs so that they can achieve their objectives.
  •  He must analyze the market in his area, rely on specific studies in order to have a clear view of the competition and sales trends depending on the area. The main objectives of the area sales representative are strategic (he must analyze market trends) and commercial (develop turnover and manage the budget allocated to the teams).
  • At least 1 year of experience in a similar position

Technical Knowledge

  •  Knowledge of your company, its internal functioning (process, sales method, tools, etc.) and its positioning
  •  Detailed understanding of the product or service sold and its competitive advantages
  •  Prospecting Skills, negotiation,
  •  product knowledge, presentation techniques, customer relations, motivation for sales.
  •  Excellent sales and negotiation skills
  •  Excellent communication and people skills”
  •  Good planning and organizational skills
  •  Foreign language skills are increasingly useful
  •  Know how to drive
  •  Rhythm, desire and perseverance in commercial prospecting. In commercial jargon, companies speak of “hunter temperament”
  •  Strength of conviction, assertiveness and leadership to encourage clients to sign the contract
  •  Sense of initiative, proactivity and autonomy
  •  Meaning of negotiation
  •  Natural winner, “niaque”, spirit of conquest


  •  Social ease and ability to build rapport with clients
  •  Active listening and a desire to understand in order to find solutions (problem solving)
  •  Resistance to goal stress and travel fatigue
  •  Perseverance and reliability
  •  Excellent organizational and adaptive skills
  •  Good business sense
  •  ability to motivate and lead a team
  •  Initiative
  •  Enthusiasm
  •  ability to work calmly under pressure
  •  self-confidence


Apply via the following email address

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