Agricultural Engineer

Job title :  Agricultural Engineer

Status:  Supervisor

Place of work: Douala 

Gender:  Male

Age: 25 – 35 years old

Academic level required: BACC + 3

Academic Degree Required: Works Engineer in Agronomy / Design Engineer in Agronomy

Basic diplomas:   BACC D / BACC C

Other desired training:  Training in Quality, Environment, Safety, Project Management

Professional experiences :

·       years minimum in a similar position (within an organized and reference company) for holders of the Engineering degree in Agronomy

·       years minimum in a similar position (within an organized and reference company) for holders of the degree of Design Engineer in Agronomy

Computer science

·        of Office software (Word, Excel, Power point, Visio, Project)

·        Internet skills

Areas of expertise

·        technologies,

·        preparation

Soil        analysis

Crop        maintenance

Mastery        of agricultural inputs

Seed        selection,

Establishment        , monitoring and management of the nursery,

agricultural        machinery and tools,

Phytosanitary        ,

Fertilization        (chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizer),

Design        and management skills,

·        Knowledge of the standards and laws in force in the agronomic field,

agricultural        statistics,

Segmentation        and identification of agricultural areas,

·        Agricultural waste management

Storage        and Preservation of harvests,

Material        balance control,

Notions        in food production,


Other abilities

·        Animation of work teams;

·        Knowledge of ISO standards;

·        Mastery of the rules of good work organization;

·        Leadership, ability to solve problems and conflict;

·        Ability to coach, know how to delegate, team spirit;

·        Sense of responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit;

·        Sense of organization, management of priorities;

·        Service-oriented approach for the benefit of other departments

·        Adaptability;

·        Ability to draw up specifications for any service-related projects



General     management

Discipline     _

·     Daily follow-up

·     Evaluation

Communication     _

·     Ability to report

Ability     to animate, train and energize

Spirit     of initiative / Culture of results

·     Spirit of analysis and synthesis

·     Loyal and honest

·     Attention to detail

Manage     a budget, negotiation

·     Managerial quality and mastery of management techniques

Rigorous     _

Assurance     in communication

·     Sense of organization and responsibility

·     Able to work under pressure

·     Use common sense


Job constraints  Availability, flexibility, pro activity, mobility, ability to work under pressure


  • French / English fluently spoken and written
  • English / French desired

How to Apply

Please send your files (CV, cover letter, diploma copy) in pdf format  no later than Wednesday 06/29/2022 at 6:00 p.m.  to the following email address:    with the subject: ”  AGRONOME INGENIEUR ” .

NB  : Only pre-selected candidates who strictly meet the above-mentioned criteria will be contacted for interviews.

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