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Exotic Group is looking for candidates that must be at least degreed agricultural engineers with 2 years or more of hands-on experience in the field to work on farms located in various regions. (CE, LT, SW, WE)

The responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • All phases of growing crops from clearing land to harvesting including tillage, bed preparation, planting, cultivation, weeding, pesticide, fungicide, fertilizer, harvesting, and conservation (knowledge of transformation knowledge a plus).
  • Have a good understanding of the growing cycle of most crops such as maize, cabbage, pumpkin, lettuce, pepper, plantain, sweet potato,
  • Must be able to communicate very well in English (French is a plus).
  • Have a good understanding of types of soil (soil biology knowledge is a plus), and understand irrigation.
  • Be able to establish and take care of a nursery.
  • Must be willing to locate in the community where the farm is located and stay there for the duration of the growing season at least (trips home now and then are expected)

The candidate must:

  • Be Dependable, honest, hardworking, and dedicated.
  • Follow directions well, work well in teams, understand procedures, and follow them.
  • Plan the process and manage workers on the field and assign them daily work.
  • Follow the company guideline to ensure the successful completion of the growth of crops in the field.
  • Good knowledge of mechanics, irrigation principles, and understanding of the assembly of farm implements such as planters and maintenance of such equipment is a plus.
  • Work is 95% outside on the farm in various weather conditions.
  • Very good perspective for long-term employment for the right candidate, continuous training in advanced farming techniques is provided. Compensation is competitive and bonuses are available for performance.

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