Attached to the Accounting and Finance Department, the chief accountant will be responsible for:

  • Ensure the rationality of entries and allocations of accounting operations relating to each client, in accordance with the procedures, the provisions of the OHADA uniform act, as well as with the social and tax legislation in force in Cameroon;
  • Ensure the operationalization of commercial operations and the resulting reports;
  • Perform invoicing and ensure the follow-up and collection of invoices issued.


General Accounting

  • Check, validate and update commercial software purchase invoices;
  • Supervise, control, validate, dump the accountants’ entry batches into the accounting software;
  • Ensure the accounting of payroll entries or the computer transfer from payroll software to accounting;
  • Control the auxiliary newspapers of the regions and ensure the transmission of materials to headquarters;
  • Establish the accounting allocation documents, submit them to the hierarchy then send to the accountant for entry;
  • Ensure the correct accounting of fixed asset entries;
  • Track the commissioning and decommissioning of fixed assets;
  • Ensure the allocation of amortization of monthly fixed assets;
  • Coordinate fixed asset inventories;
  • Ensure the updating of the non-accounting file for monitoring fixed assets;
  • Calculate monthly provisioned charges and end-of-year provisions to be included in the balance sheet;
  • Propose and enter after validation of the regularization entries at the head office and in the agencies;
  • Produce the monthly operating report;
  • Ensure the proper keeping of accounting documents and journals;
  • Ensure the lettering of accounts;
  • Ensure proper archiving of all accounting documents dating back less than 10 years;
  • Ensure the implementation of audit and internal control recommendations;
  • Ensure the update after reconciliation of interco accounts;
  • Supervise weekly cash statements and monitor the clearance of suspended accounts;
  • Supervise bank reconciliations and monitor the clearance of suspended accounts;
  • Take part in physical stock inventories and ensure adjustments;
  • Write accounting procedures;
  • Ensure all other specific tasks entrusted to him by his superiors.

Auxiliary accounting


  • Ensure the tax update of customers;
  • Ensure the correct setting of tax rates on customer accounts;
  • Monitor customer billing and payment operations;
  • Ensure the entry of imputation documents for regularization of customer accounts;
  • Ensure the conformity of the published invoices and the bundle of associated documents;
  • Ensure the production of the solvency status of customers in the portfolio;
  • Supervise customer balance confirmations;
  • Manage customer reminders;
  • Ensure the lettering of customer accounts.


  • Ensure the tax update of suppliers on account;
  • Ensure the entry of charge documents and expense reports for the adjustment of supplier accounts;
  • Ensure the production of the aged balance of suppliers;
  • Supervise supplier balance confirmations;
  • Check and validate before payment the status of overdue invoices;
  • Ensure the lettering of supplier accounts.

Cost accounting

  • Participate in the configuration of analytical accounting adapted to the activity, useful analyzes for managers or for operational staff;
  • Ensure the proper analytical breakdown of expenses and products;
  • Determine the average cost of items sold and the gross margin;
  • Determine the result by profit center and by cost center.

Balance sheet and result

  • Develop and ensure the distribution of the end-of-year inventory schedule;
  • Record year-end inventory entries to prepare financial statements;
  • Prepare the balance sheet and income statement and ensure the principle of intangibility at the beginning of the year 
  • Proceed to the reconciliation between the result of the general accounting and the analytical accounting;
  • Participate in the development of budgets.
  • Relations with the statutory auditors
  • Define with them the account audit schedule;
  • Justify the main account closing restatements.


  • Academic level: Bac + 4/5 in Accounting, business management or equivalent;
  • Professional experience: 05 years of minimum experience in a similar position;
  • Minimum age: 30 years old;
  • Mastery of accounting and financial analysis;
  • Knowledge of local taxation;
  • Mastery of cost calculation;
  • Mastery of OHADA accounting assumptions and assertions and IFRS standards;
  • Mastery of software: Suite office, SAP, Sage Saari and other accounting software.
  • Be able to work under pressure with hours of varying amplitudes;
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills in French (English would be an asset);

Application file: CV, cover letter

Deadline: Friday, July 29, 2022

Send your application file to:

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