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SUNDA INTERNATIONAL through its subsidiary HOMEPRO CAMEROON is looking for an ADMIN SUPERVISOR for service needs


  • Job title:   ADMIN OFFICER
  • Field of activity:    ADMINISTRATION
  • Job location:   DOUALA
  • Main mission: Follow and organize administrative purchases, control attendance, manage assets and reception according to the needs of the various works of the branch. Cooperate with the administrative manager and help him to provide administrative services and work support, ensure the normal operation of work. 


  • Training: Administrative management of companies / Management / Corporate communication / HR / Law   
  • Level of training: Minimum BACC + 3
  • Personal Qualities: Sense of listening, communication, responsibilities and human relations , Mastery of budget and finances, ability to make decisions, to advise and to manage, autonomous and organized behavior
  • Professional Experience: Minimum 3 years in a position of responsibility
  • Age: 24 – 34 years old
  • Be perfectly bilingual
  • Knowing how to speak Chinese would be an asset
  • Master Word and Excel
  •  Master software for management, planning, statistics but also information and communication systems
  • Good knowledge of public service delegation procedures 


  • Responsible for the general supply of the various departments of the company (material and office equipment, port access for new recruits, breakfast per service, repair of breakdowns in the offices, etc.)  
  • Manage the recording of the register of purchases;
  • Manage the reasonable planning of vehicles between the different departments and ensure the control of related expenses;
  • Daily management of the house staff assigned to the various expatriate residences;
  • Manage all problems related to expatriate residences (breakdowns, awareness of house staff, supplies of all kinds, etc.);
  • Supervise all tasks related to the entry and exit of expatriate staff on the national territory (visas, accommodation, nutrition, medical tests, etc.)
  • Manage the establishment of residence cards for expatriate staff;
  • Verify attendance data and ensure timeliness and accuracy of work attendance;
  • Responsible for registering and maintaining the administrative property register, organizing regular administrative inventory, ensuring the accuracy of register data and stock security;
  • Responsible for the distribution and management of administrative assets and ensuring the prompt and reasonable allocation of assets;
  • Manage the daily affairs of the department as well as the coordination of staff to ensure the smooth running of the department;
  • Responsible for business orientation and performance evaluation of department employees. Cooperate with the HR department to organize regular employee training, improve the quality and level of logistics services;


  • Only candidates who ( actually ) meet the profile can apply
  • Please submit your CV to the address: no later than December 23, 2022 , mentioning the job title in the subject.
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