Accounts Receivable Manager

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IPLANS SA is recruiting as part of its activities 01 Accounts Receivable Manager


  •  Guarantee the efficient functioning of the activity of the General Manager and contribute to the organization of internal life, by positioning himself as a resource and adviser on the practices and procedures of the company;
  •  Organize the schedules and travels of the General Manager;
  •  Manage the General Manager’s agenda and travel, make appointments according to priorities;
  •  Assist the Managing Director: As such, she must put all her skills and know-how at the service of her department to optimize the management of activities;
  •  Manage planning, reception, organization of travel, preparation of meetings, communication, monitoring and processing of mail, etc.
  •  Organize and coordinate internal and external information. This may sometimes be confidential information relating to the operation of the company;
  •  Manage all specific events such as fairs, meetings, conferences, etc.
  •  Screen phone calls;
  •  Write internal communication media (reports, minutes, memos, etc.);
  •  Organize the business trips of a manager or an employee;
  •  Enter, process and archive documents;
  •  Ensure the administrative management of mail;
  •  Perform the seizure of documents of various forms and contents;
  •  Plan and organize meetings and events (authorities, seminars, etc.): write minutes, follow records of decisions and execution of assigned actions, prepare materials, ensure logistics, etc.;


  •  Minimum level: Bac+3 in management secretariat, administrative organization or any equivalent diploma.
  •  Professional experience: minimum (2) years as an executive assistant


  •  Mastery of the office tool
  •  Administrative management
  •  Mastery of editorial standards
  •  Mastery of filing and archiving methods
  •  Master the terms of reception
  •  Master note-taking techniques
  •  Use of collaborative tools (shared planning, web conference, corporate social network, etc.)
  •  To be bilingual
  •  Mastery of computer and office tools: (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet, etc.).


All candidates should send their CV and cover letter to the following address: with the title of the desired position in the subject line.

DEADLINE: December 25, 2022 at 12 p.m. 

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