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The KEUMEGNE group is based in Meiganga and conducts retail activities. We are currently recruiting for our group one (01) Accountant :


  •  Establish the planning and deployment of administrative and financial activities;
  •  Record accounting transactions in the accounting books and archive them;
  •  Develop summary documents: income statements, account balances;
  •  Operating or income statements, balance sheets, (DSF) etc;
  •  Develop and implement reporting tools for senior management;
  •  Analyzes agencies by studying their profits, growth prospects, financial situations, estimated values ​​of their assets;
  •  Define the main orientations of the controls and indicators to be put in place, and the reporting framework intended for the general management;
  •  Design activity dashboards (weekly, monthly or quarterly);
  •  Apply the resolutions of the monthly staff evaluation by the general management;
  •  Ensure the preparation of the budget under the authority of the general management;
  •  Highlight the financial data and all the elements likely to modify the profitability of the company;
  •  Ensure the independent control of inventory inventories as well as the institution’s assets;
  •  Qualitatively and quantitatively control the goods received;
  •  Track sales and forecasts to ensure product availability and oversee order picking;
  •  Analyze the performance of each branch of the company on a monthly basis;


  •  Level of study: BAC+2/3 in Accounting, Control and Audit or equivalent diploma;
  •  Experience: Between 3 and 5 years, with significant experience in management control;
  •  Office experience;
  •  Masters the MS OFFICE suite, Advanced Excel, SAGE SAARIl;
  •  Good knowledge of legal (labour and company law), tax, auditing, financial and accounting standards;
  •  Must have good analytical skills.


Please send us your cover letter and CV to the following address:

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