Academic internship offer in Marketing

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As part of its activities, N-TECHNOLOGY Group is looking for an academic intern in Marketing for a period of 03 months


  • Develop a communication and promotion strategy in collaboration with sales representatives and product managers
  • Organize promotion and communication actions: advertising, press, specific material,
  • Forecast sales based on statistics and promotional actions, transmit them to the departments concerned: production, purchasing, logistics
  • Analyze sales statistics and forecast/realized gaps, identify the most profitable segments, propose loyalty or relaunch actions
  • Ensure a marketing watch and develop new ranges

Skills :

  • Master marketing techniques and tools
  • Know the company’s products, production techniques and their constraints
  • Communicate and create a relationship of trust with various interlocutors
  • Negotiate, often over the phone
  • Make multiple internal and external interlocutors work together
  • Analyze and synthesize a lot of information, ensure marketing monitoring (products, markets, competition) and “field” feedback
  • Be creative, propose original campaigns, take initiatives
  • Carry out a market study
  • React and, if possible, anticipate changes
  • Be rigorous, organize and coordinate actions
  • Prioritize
  • Team working
  • Master statistical tools and like numbers
  • Master office automation and communication tools
  • Level Required: Bac + 2 / 3

Application document:

  • Cover letter
  • resume
  • School certificate


Please send us these documents to

Deadline: January 13, 2023

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