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As part of its sovereign activities, Global Environment Protects (GEP)received funding from the Center for Ecological Monitoring (CSE) of Senegal to conduct a study in Cameroon on “the promotion of sustainable development in Africa through agroforestry”. This study will be conducted in 4 agro-ecological ZONES of Cameroon namely: the Sudano-Sahelian zone the zone of high Guinean savannahs (2). the western highlands zone (3) and the dense forest zone with bimodal rainfall Thus IS localities will be covered across Cameroon Where data collection will make it possible to identify the types of land use, services ecosystems of agroforestry parks. the geo-referencing of trees and shrubs used in wooded parks and agroforestry systems (Agro silvicultural: Sylvopastoral and Agrosylvopastoral).

For this, GEP needs motivated and dynamic people to collect data in the field


  •  Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in agroforestry, rural biogeography, rural sociology or any other equivalent field
  •  Good knowledge of the wood inventory methodology in agroforests. conducting socio-economic surveys. Organization and conduct of focus groups. inventory of ecosystem services
  •  Good command of data collection via digital software (Kobocollect);
  •  Know how to use a GPS and export the data collected in shapefile format with the geographic spatial reference system WGSS’I (EPSG 4326 and in degree • decinlal
  •  Knowledge of local languages ​​(of the Centre, of the far north (Foufoulde), of the west and the east is an asset
  •  Good team spirit and be able to withstand difficult field conditions
  •  Be able to support motorbike and bush taxi trips sometimes in difficult contexts
  •  Be able to write a field report in very good scientific language.

Successful candidates will benefit from full support on the ground per diem, accommodation. Local and intercity nutrition and travel).


Interested candidates must submit a 2-page CV and a cover letter demonstrating their ability to conduct such a study on this send your files exclusively to the address , with the subject ( your name. collector_GEP 2022 ). For further information. please contact the numbers + 237 699324 185 or 678081810.
NB: Applications from both sexes are accepted.

Deadline: December 28, 2022 before 12 p.m. 

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