10 Store Success Managers (SSM) M/F

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Koree a fintech is recruiting ten (10) Store Success Managers (SSM) M/F!

Koree is a mobile application that allows its users to earn money when shopping in stores.

SSMs will:

  • Train store agents (cashiers, waiters, etc.) in the use of the Koree Pro application
  • Introduce the Koree application to customers
  • Accompany customers during their registration and their first uses Attractive and unlimited remuneration! The more customers you enroll, the more money you earn!

SSMs should be:

  • Tech-savvy: have a strong interest in technology
  • Resourceful: knowing how to find solutions spontaneously
  • Proactive
  • clever
  • Dynamics
  • Have an excellent presentation (required)
  • Have an excellent relationship

At Koree we have a preference for: The hyperactive, those who can’t keep still 😁, the quick-witted, the resourceful, those who are thirsty for success, those who excel in their field. , and the bg <3!


Send your CV by email to or by Whatsapp to 620 13 87 22 

Location: Douala

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