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DAVEN BAKERY AND SERVICES is looking for the needs of its services 10 Commercial Business for the sale of pastry products.


DAVEN BAKERY AND SERVICES company which specializes in the transformation of tubers and cereals into pastry and bakery products offers dietetic and gluten-free pastries based on local flours ‘made in Cameroon’ for all types of events (wedding, birthday. ), and for vulnerable people.

DAVEN BAKERY AND SERVICES is Located in Douala Towards SHELL STATION + LOURS VILLAGE AXIS And directed by Madame ONGMESSOM Blanche with several years of experience in the field of pastry.


Prospecting : searching every day for new target customers who consume pastry products made from local gluten-free flour. These can be structures, natural persons to create a circuit of order and recurring distribution.

The targets are structures that bring together people who need DAVEN products. Example : Women who want to lose weight through a less fatty diet or People who want a healthy and organic diet made in Cameroon.

  • Diet Centers
  • Institutes for autistic children
  • The sports center
  • Hotels and restaurants for conference ceremonies and others
  • Catering services for wedding cakes and others

Communication: only transmit to Target customers the useful and necessary information allowing them to understand our products

Negotiation and the sales pitch: Convince the customer by the established pitch and all other tricks so that he is willing to order

Loyalty : build your customer portfolio and follow it in order to relaunch them for other orders

Information feedback : feedback on the reasons for customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, changing needs, trends and competition. And draw up a daily report of the people or structure contacted


  • Douala; In your district of residence; in the vicinity of your district of residence and neighboring districts


  • 1 year minimum in commercial field activities would be an asset, but your potential has nothing to do with the school it is in you
  • No experience necessary but a secondary education level is recommended to better understand the service offer.

WORKING HOURS : every day from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. MODE OF WORK : In a team of 2 or 3 people Maximum or Solo depending on your ability to work alone REMUNERATION : each week receive at least 25000f cash based on your performance

OBJECTIVES : Turnover to be defined with the administration.
BONUS DATA AND TRANSPORT FOR THE SAME DAY : 1000 F / day for a minimum of daily prospecting and sales and this after the balance sheet of the day. It is only paid for a team of 2 people and not individually.
PAYMENT SEQUENCE : Weekly Payment every Monday in your Mobile or MTN account
WORK EQUIPMENT : Your personal Android phone a Badge
RECRUITMENT PROCESS : Training in the Premises followed by a Practical Coaching session in the field


Please confirm your availability after reading and wait for the call for the interview and then the training if everything is conclusive. 

Write to us by whatsapp CV + FULL PHOTO at 677 66 76 34

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