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05 Machine operator

  • Full Time
  • Douala


Douala, Cameroun

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Job Summary

Runs the machine in secure and efficient manner while maintaining a low average of waste and producing the best quality outcome reachable.

 Job Responsibilities & Tasks DUTIES include but are not limited

  • Make sure that all raw materials are arranged well in their dedicated place.
  • Always ensure the availability of the required raw material, to avoid machine stoppages.
  • Make sure all waste trolleys & bins are in the right place.
  • Assist the Operator in setting the machine & size changes.
  • Follow the instructions of the Operator.
  • Arrange the machine workers to clean or repack in case of small stoppages.

Internal Dynamics & Interfaces

Production Team, Maintenance Team, Quality Control Team, Safety Team

Required Job Qualifications & Competence

Education & Experience

  • Technical Degree
  • 1 year experience operating the same machine

Special Working Condition

  • Work in Plant / Manufacturing Environment.
  • Physical effort is required.

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