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04 Project Supervisors

IMC Cameroon is looking for the needs of its program of assistance to Central African refugees and support to the health districts of, Batouri, Djohong, Touboro and its surroundings, Four (04) Supervisors of the Disease Surveillance project of health districts with for location Far North Region

Mission of the position:

    • Participate in the identification and selection of community actors to be trained in collaboration with the field epidemiologist, members of the district executive team and health domains in order to establish group work for the achievement of objectives of epidemiological surveillance projects;
    • Assist the Field Epidemiologist in the organization and implementation of the activities planned in collaboration with the Health District Authorities to achieve the objectives;
    • Produce a weekly work plan in collaboration with the field epidemiologist and the health district team;
    • Liaise on an ongoing basis with community leaders to maintain their commitment to community disease surveillance and ensure its sustainability;
    • Work with the epidemiologist and M&E to regularly monitor the implementation of the surveillance project(s);
    • Support the District Health and Health Facilities focal point in developing surveillance site visit plans, taking into account all public and private health facilities in the district, including traditional healers and places of worship, and classifying them by priority order ;
    • Provide continuous supervision of health promoters, community health workers and health facilities;
    • Ensure that health facility staff, including surveillance focal points, are regularly briefed on epidemiological surveillance;
    • Participate in Joint Supervision Regional Public Health Delegation of the Far North, International Health District for Community Surveillance of Diseases (Community Health Workers and Managers of Health Structures, Community Managers)
    • Check the availability of the community health worker’s notification and sensitization tools (weekly notification sheets, case-by-case follow-up sheets, surveillance awareness materials, etc.) and ensure their regular replenishment;
    • Check the availability of technical monitoring tools (case definitions, investigation sheets, guidelines) in all districts and sites visited (investigation forms, stool pots, sample tubes) and ensure the regular renewal of health training;
    • Assist the Health District in reviewing health facility registers according to the site visit guide;
    • Collect and compile monitoring reports from community health workers, health facilities and the District, and produce weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and other important reports to be transmitted to the field epidemiologist;
    • Completely and correctly complete the DHIS2 by updating it on Tuesday of the following week; 
    • Assist the Health District in the regular monitoring of consistency in the transmission of monitoring data between the weekly disease and public health emergency surveillance reports and the monthly EPI data reports;
    • Support health facilities in the development of curves for monitoring EPI data and epidemiological surveillance;
    • Share community disease surveillance data with the District during weekly epidemiological surveillance follow-up meetings;
    • Assist the Health District in the validation and investigation of cases of disease to be followed on a case-by-case basis;
    • Support the District Authorities in the regular updating of the databases of the main diseases under surveillance on a case-by-case basis (AFP, Measles, Yellow Fever, Neonatal Tetanus, Cholera, Cerebrospinal meningitis);
    • Support the Health Domains in the archiving of their various EPI and epidemiological surveillance reports and the maintenance of surveillance tools (case register, alert or rumor register);
  • Participate in the investigation and response to epidemics and other public health events;
  • Represent the International Medical Corps at district coordination meetings
  • Assist the finance team in preparing all financial justifications for payment of CHWs and other financial activities in your district. 
  • Perform specific tasks assigned by supervisor or field epidemiologist.

Profile Required:

  • Hold a Master II, either in Social Sciences, in Public Health and or in Epidemiology, International Development and any other equivalent diploma
  • Either hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing and thus justify professional experience in the field of public health of at least five years
  • Justify a strong professional experience of three years including at least one in the management of a project cycle and in NGOs operating in an environment similar to that of IMC
  • Demonstrate strong experience in Knowledge of vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases with epidemic potential such as cholera, AFP and other communicable diseases and priority conditions as well as unusual events;
  • Demonstrate strong experience in community interventions
  • Justify a strong experience in data analysis with the use of various software such as EPI-Info and / or Stata
  • Proficiency in office software (Microsoft Office) Being bilingual (English French) is an asset
  • Knowing how to drive the motorcycle and holding a category A driving license is a great asset
  • Be of Cameroonian nationality and be no more than 45 years old


CV and cover letter; Proof of diploma and training presented; Employment certificates relating to professional experience; The application files bearing the mention “Application for the position of ……………………….” under sealed envelopes will be received no later than May 30, 2022 at 5 p.m. at the following email address

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