01 Cashier, 02 Collection Agents, 03 Commercial Agents

FINANCIAL SOLIDARITY FOR SAVINGS AND CREDIT abbreviated SOFINEC COOP-CA , First category Microfinance Establishment, recruits for each of its BIYEM ASSI, ESSOMBA and NKOABANG agencies:

  • 02 (two) Collection Agents;
  • 03 (Three) Commercial Agents;
  • 01 (a) Cashier.

Applications are expected until June 30, 2022 at the Email address ; at one of our branches:

BIYEM ASSI (Rond-Point Express 50 meters from the Carrefour going towards Jouvence, After Jupiter Hotel);
ESSOMBA (Between the Carrefour and the Mosque on the way to the prison);
NKOABANG (Between the NKOABANG crossroads and the Green Oil Station, going towards BITENG).

They should understand:

  • A request addressed to the Director General specifying your district, the position requested and the Agency;
  • A resume ;
  • A photocopy of the CNI;
  • A photocopy of the highest diploma.

NB: The remuneration will include a fixed part and a variable part.

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