How to Make the Most of Social Media in Your Job Search

In today’s digital world, it’s impossible to escape social media even in the job search. One of your most valuable advantages as a job hunter is social media.

While career sites such as LibraJobs should still be used to uncover chances, you should also use social media to grow your network and find a new job.

The question is, how do you go about doing it? It’s not as difficult as you may believe. Here are some suggestions:

Inform others that you are looking for a job.

It’s critical to let your friends and connections know that you’re looking for a job, whether you use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or all three. Also, be explicit about the kind of employment you’re looking for.

Even if no one in your network is aware of any openings, they will keep you in mind if one arises. They may even inform you of the opportunity before it is posted on employment boards.

Keep Your Facebook Profile Private

Today’s businesses do background checks on new employees using Google and Facebook. If you don’t want potential employers seeing your personal updates, modify the privacy settings on your account so that only your friends can see them.

Research Hiring Managers

Take the effort to search up the recruiting manager on Twitter and LinkedIn before submitting your CV. These two social media platforms have the potential to be information gold mines.

You can adjust your cover letter to the hiring manager’s demands and discover some common ground during an interview by understanding a little more about them.

Link to Your Social Profiles on Your Resume

On your CV, don’t forget to add links to your LinkedIn and Twitter pages (but leave out the link to your Facebook profile, which is private).

This will provide the employer with more opportunities to contact you and learn more about you. It also demonstrates that you’re social media knowledgeable, which is a skill that most companies value.

Create Intentional Connections

It’s more important to know who you know than what you know when it comes to getting a job. Don’t just rely on your existing contacts. To get the job you desire, figure out who you need to connect with.

Expand your LinkedIn network until you have at least a third-degree connection with that person. Retweet or reply to their tweets to entice people to follow you on Twitter.

Twitter is a great method to engage with professionals in your field who might not otherwise give you a second thought.

Clean Up Your Google Results

When you Google your name, what comes up? If you don’t like the results, your boss is likely to dislike them as well. Create a LinkedIn profile (if you don’t already have one) and make sure it’s up to date.

When people search for your name, being active on the site will help push your profile to the top of the results. When a potential employer Googles you, your LinkedIn profile will come up first.

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